Here you’ll find resources you can use to help your students apply for the PwC Scholarship

Students are asked to submit the following documentation as part of their application:

  • a CV – we have provided a template, however there are many others available online
  • a letter of support from the school (more information below)
  • academic transcript (senior school)
  • they also have 4 questions to answer and should prepare these in advance and copy/ paste them into the relevant text boxes in the online application
    • what are your key achievements to date?
    • what has been your greatest challenge?
    • what career goals do you have?
    • why do you think you deserve to win a PwC Scholarship?

We strongly suggest you work with your students to determine their eligibility for the Scholarship

The school must supply each applicant with a letter of support. Working with your students to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria will help manage their expectations as this is a very competitive Scholarship. To make sure your students are successful; please make sure they meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants should be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Applicants should be a final year student at any secondary school in New Zealand
  • Applicants should intend to study commerce/business, law or information systems. Conjoint degrees are also appropriate.


An application should also highlight that the student meets the following criteria:

  • The degree and major they’re planning to study at university. Our scholarship programme is typically for students intending to study commerce/business, law or information systems. Conjoint degrees are also appropriate.
  • Strong academic ability across all subjects.
  • Formal leadership roles at school or in the community.
  • Volunteer or community service at school or in the community.
  • An ability to structure and manage their time – part time work, sports training, volunteer work, or a long term hobbies are all examples of this.
  • How the student stands out from the crowd – this might be through sports, art, music, dance.
  • Key achievements so far.
  • The school must provide a letter of support to each of their top students. The student should submit this as part of their application.
  • Please note, you are no longer required to log in to our website and nominate your students.

Letter of support from the school

School support is an important part of the application process. You’ll notice the school is asked to provide a letter of support for their students. The school is responsible for ensuring any applicants have a good understanding of the eligibility criteria, and determining whether they meets these criteria. Only students who meet the criteria should be encouraged to submit an application. Any applications that do not have an accompanying letter of support will not be progressed.

  • A letter should be provided for each student applying for the scholarship. Each school can support up to 5 students submitting scholarship applications.
  • The letter should highlight reasons why the school feels that student is a good candidate for the scholarship. Please try to provide an overview from the school’s perspective; how this applicant stands out from other students in the school. This can include:
    • adversity the student has overcome
    • a particular talent in the area of finance, economics or accounting
    • a clear intent to pursue a career aligned with PwC’s business areas
    • a standout leader, well liked by peers and staff
    • please also include the number of students on the year 13 roll, so that we can keep accurate records.

Resources for download

Please click here for Scholarship Programme resources. There are brochures and posters you can download and give to students, and two videos that you are welcome to play in class.

For all questions and assistance, please email or contact James Buxton in the Scholarship team.