Why you should choose PwC

It’s your choice

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with unlimited growth opportunities, there is no better place than PwC.

We have gone straight to the source to ask our recent Graduates why they choose PwC. Here’s what they have to say.



  • “PwC places a strong emphasis on its people, which includes extensive development opportunities and encouraging a healthy work/life balance.”
  • “You get to work with some of the most talented people in New Zealand.”
  • “The PwC brand is the leading professional services firm both nationally and internationally.”
  • “We’re investing heavily in technology and innovation and I enjoy being part of that.”
  • “You’re exposed to a diverse range of clients from different industries.”
  • “Challenging, yet rewarding work.”
  • “The support PwC offers for your professional qualifications, for example CA.”
  • “PwC offers non-work related activities to take part in, such as volunteer days, social clubs, sporting activities and Toastmasters.”
  • “Great social life and networking opportunities.”
  • “PwC has a great reputation and offers global opportunities.”
  • “As a student it always seemed to me that even amongst Big 4 firms, PwC was the place everyone wanted to go.”
  • “I knew quite a few people here already, ranging from partners who I’d met at Scholarship events, fellow Scholarship winners, other Interns who were also returning as Graduates and my team from my internship.”

Summer internship

You’re at a certain point of your studies, and are making decisions about your future career, considering all kinds of information, listening to friends and the people close to you, but there is nothing like your own experience. An Internship provides a unique taste of what it’s like to work at PwC. As an Intern you join us over the summer, for 10 – 12 weeks and build skills and confidence working with experts within the field you’re interested in.

You get the opportunity to closely interact with our staff, who provide real time on the job coaching, while working together on variety of projects that will put into practice what you have learnt at University. We provide challenging assignments and get you involved with helping solve real client issues, within teams of highly skilled professionals. Providing you with a realistic insight into the profession, as well as the PwC culture and practice.

Overall, this opportunity will provide you with a chance to discover what a full-time role with us is all about, gain insight into our environment and get the best start to your career. Many head back to University with an offer for the Graduate programme already in hand!

Graduate position

Opportunities are at the heart of PwC careers. Opportunities to develop as a person, to build lasting relationships and make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean everything. The skills, insights and connections developed at PwC are career defining.

We provide ongoing opportunities for our Graduates to develop business skills as well as personal and technical skills. Our Graduates also have a coach and buddy to support and guide them through the process.

If you’re on the path to a professional qualification, we’re with you every step of the way. We financially support our Graduates through exams and help them prepare fully with study and exam leave. Onsite at PwC there is also widespread support from mentors, managers and peers.

At PwC – leadership is a mindset, not a job title. To us ‘leadership’ is about being yourself, being courageous and being different. As a PwC professional our Graduates will have the opportunity to demonstrate and grow their leadership potential, learning life skills which will be valuable wherever their career takes them.